The Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Women Football League, The Right Honourable Margaret Icheen, has promised the best coordination of the Nigeria Women Premier League Relegation Play-Off on October 2, as well as that of the Nigeria Women Football League Pro-League Competition from October 4 to 7th.

For the double events scheduled for the FIFA Goal Project, Abuja and the Confluence Stadium in Lokoja respectively, Icheen, who was appointed the General Coordinator of the events by the board of the NWFL, assured of her excellent performance on duty at the very competitive events despite the attendant tensed situation from the clubs involved and their passionate supporters.

Icheen, who is also the Chairman of the Benue State Football Association, assured all the participating clubs especially in the NWPL Relegation of uncompromising Fair Play according to the rules of the game of football.

She noted that, it was unfair for anyone to raise a suspicion over her diligence to service on ground of ethnic affiliation to one of the clubs in the relegation Play-Off.

All the clubs in the NWPL are equally loved by the board of the NWFL, such that, none of them will enjoy undue preference against the other. Ofcourse, that is not allowed in football administration and management. Such act is not just criminal but also dishonourable. All the clubs in the NWPL belong to the league board, none is bigger than the other.

Icheen, urged all the the four clubs for the NWPL Relegation Play-Off: “To give their best and leave the rest to God in the midst of high level officiating by the best referees in the land, a tightly secured atmosphere at the FIFA Goal Project, Abuja, a controlled crowd of football spectators, a well equipped medical team and a conducive environment.

“The only thing the teams need to do, is to come to the venue of the one-day event, to play total football as its usual with the NWPL. Let the best teams win. The Nigerian women’s football league is where it is today riding high in progressive development and itching for more upliftment because we in the board have never compromised standard.

“Let me give you instances of the board’s dedication to excellence and service to humanity, In previous years Nasarawa Amazons surrendered the league title despite having a board member Hajiya Husseina Suleiman as one of the officials. While Rivers Angels that has another board member, Matilda Otuene, lost the Champion’s Shield to Bayelsa Queens some weeks ago in Yenagoa,” she said Sunday morning from her base in Benue State.

September 29, 2019
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