Invincible Angels forward, Hembafan Ayatsea, has said she is ready to step up and continue learning at the club despite a bittersweet learning curve in the early stages of her Nigeria Women Premier League career.

The young striker scored two goals in the first round of the NWPL for her hometown club and told how difficult it has been at her first chance of playing in the elite league.

“I must confess it has been tough. The NWPL is a competitive league and you just have to be at your best always. I learnt probably more in the Premier League than I probably had in the last two years of my career.

“I am ready to help my team by scoring more important goals as the second round resumes soon. Playing in the NWPL is a wide awakening as I got to play at the Aper-Aku Stadium for the first time and it was a memorable moment scoring in front of my friends and families.

“As a 16 year old, I think the league has been a steep learning curve for me and but I am enjoying the experience and I hope we can end in a very respectable position at the end because in the NWPL, you can’t afford to make as many mistakes as you are playing against the best players in Africa and beyond.”

Invincible Angels finished the first round in second position just three points below Confluence Queens who are on top of Group D and will travel down to Uyo to tackle Ibom Angels on the 28th of August 2019.

August 15, 2019
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