Its the last week of the season and our guest columnist Moses Bako is here with his latest preview of the Nigeria Women Premier League , Week 6 in pidgin English.

Today na today, Who no know go know. Nigeria women football go finally wear boxers, wear tight jean on top and tie am with strong belt…. Una go see how clubs dey struggle to win dia last match just like plenty monkey dey struggle for small Banana..

For Group A, Osun babes don show say dem b correct Omoluabi so dem no follow for d struggle of top 4. If FC Robo, do Osun babes “roborobo” win with plenty goals dem go top d group if Rivers Angels and Delta cook bettter Ogbono soup with snail.

Na only speed boat Delta Queens go take enter Port Harcourt if not Rivers Angels go sink dem inside River, make Rivers Angels for pass go Super 4.

Delta Queens wey follow dey compete to finish top, go carry d pepper dey blow for d eyes of d Angels make d Angels no see road go top 4, make Delta Queens use waafii style enter top 4.

For Group B, as e b say na Adamawa Queens and Edo Queens get opportunity to top d group, na every system, skill, wayo, plan and any other thing na im dem go use today.

Laff catch me wen I see “Tatashe” ( hot Hausa pepper) for Adamawa Queens bus dey go Lagos. Dreamstars Ladies no wan go relegation so dem too don find solution for d pepper. So no matter how d pepper hot reach dem get answer bcos dem b “Ladies”.

Heartland Queens dey home, dey wait Edo Queens who don prepare from Benin for show down. Today ball na anywhere Belle face Heartland go do till game end but Edo sef no go gree.

For Group C, Sunshine Queens don siddon gidigba for Kaduna Queens to come chop bulala jeje. Make dem no shout because dem come Kaduna con flog dem and dem must flog dem again today.

Nasarawa Amazons don enter Yenogoa, with ” tactical maneuver ” just to maintain there stand for league but Bayelsa Queens wey dey home don set with “womaneuver” because woman get wayo pass man. The game go sweet well well.

For Group D, Confluence Queens dey Lokoja dey prepare to carry Invincible Angels go excursion go look where River Niger and Benue meet so that as dem dey look d Confluence dem no go see ball play today.

Meanwhile, Abia Angels don tanda for home like concrete nail for Ibom Angels. Abia Angels self fit qualify for Super 4 if dem win Ibom Angels and Invincible Angels beat Confluence Queens. So Abia go die dia, to win Ibom Angels but Ibom Angels too no go gree make Abia win.. Today na today..make we all stay tuned for updates.

Make I just tell una lovers of Women football say na before before dem dey play penalty to throw-in for NWFL, Enu ose, empty barrel na im dey make noise. NWFL no sabi shout, dia work na im dey speak for dem.

Wishing everyone injury free game

September 11, 2019
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