Dream Stars Ladies FC boss Bankole Olowokere says the club have had a ‘fair season’ but ‘must do better’ and make a statement next year.

The ‘pride of Lagos’ debut season at the NWPL saw them escaping relegation at the playoffs after beating Invincible Angels 4-2 via penalties and Olowokere admits they will improve and play better next season.

“It was a fair season for us and good enough we didn’t go down. We need to learn from what happened in the just concluded season and work harder to get better results next year.

“The Nigeria Women Premier League is getting tougher and we need to improve so as to meet up and challenge for titles. Our players are very young and i must admit they did so well individually and also as a team. He told thenwfl.com

“We got respectable results everywhere we played, despite being a greenhorn in the league, that shows how talented my players are. We will continue pushing, so as to get it right next year. He concluded.

October 5, 2019
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